Welcome to Our New Website!

New Website

Welcome to the new digital home of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society! Our new modern website design is much more user friendly, as well as better looking, and will now allow us to organize New Jersey gun owners, and get the word out, much more effectively. We plan on using our new website to full effect to take on the anti-gunners.

Whats New?

So as you can tell, we've upgraded the site quite a bit. Things are definitely different looking. But most of what has changed has been under the hood, the cosmetic differences are certainly an improvement, but what's under the hood is really what is going to make a difference.

Your Account

If you had an account on the old site, you will have to make a new one on this site. No worries though, if you are a dues paying member of NJ2AS, we still have your information and you are still a member. If your membership has expired before the new site went active, then you can rejoin and we will merge your old and new accounts with no hassle. Your account on this new website is for commenting on blog posts and other pages that allow comments, and recruiting, but does not have to be connected to your paid membership in NJ2AS. Also, by having an account and being signed in on this site, various fields will be pre-populated when you want to donate or volunteer. The good news for us is that if you're already a dues paying member, and then create an account to comment on the site, we can combine the two together very easily. So there's no hassle on your end. To create a new account, go here. On our new site you can create an account using either Facebook, Twitter, or Email.


If you head over the the new membership signup page you'll see we still offer general and life memberships. However, we have added a new level of membership, Premium membership, for $99. With premium membership you get all the benefits of general membership, plus you get discounts from some of our sponsors. For more information on those discounts, head over to our sponsors page! But we plan on offering even more to our premium members in the future, stay tuned for that...


On our new site we have added a feature to our donation page that allows you to make monthly donations via installment payments. So if you are interested in giving a larger amount of money, but not all at once, you can now do monthly automated payments in smaller amounts rather than having to return to the donation page each month to make a small donation. Whatever amount you choose to donate will be divided over the period of months you pick. You can do as little as you want per month over a period from 2-12 months at your own discretion. So $100 over 3 months, or $20 over a year, you can pay as you go with no hassle now!


Our new volunteer signup page allows us to better keep track of our volunteers. Now you can agree to volunteer for only specific things related to your skill set. If you're interested becoming a volunteer, head on over to the volunteer page and sign up. We'll contact you later with further information.


Many people always ask us, "What can i do to help out?". Well now you can become a part of the movement by recruiting and fundraising on behalf of NJ2AS. Our new website provides you all the tools you need to get the word out, sign up new members, and even fundraise on our behalf. Recruiters and fundraiser will be eligible for rewards and much more in the future, stay tuned for that. To find out how to become a recruiter or fundraiser, head over here.

Social Capital

Social capital is a tool that measures things you do to support NJ2AS. Joining, donating, liking/sharing FaceBook posts, recruiting, etc.. are all figured into your social capital. Your can view your social capital in your supporter navigation (pictured below) once you create an account on the website. Your supporter nav will be on the right side of most pages, but not all, and will always be available on the home page.

Supporter Nav

The more you do for NJ2AS, the more social capital you get. We plan to introduce a leaderboard system in the future to show how you stack up against everyone else, but as of now there are bigger fish to fry. We will announce that on the blog when it goes live.

What else?

This new website is only the beginning of much bigger things NJ2AS has planned. Stay tuned for more of that in the future, let's just say we have big things planned. But we need your help to continue growing the organization so that we can fight back. If you're not a member, join today. If you're already a member, sign up for monthly recurring donations, every single penny counts! If you done both of those, become a recruiter and bring in more members to the fight! And if you've done all of those, volunteer and help us expand our organization. The only way we will make a difference in this state as gun owners, is to go all in TOGETHER. We're all in here at NJ2AS. Can we count on you to go all in? All together now! Let's fight back!


If you have any questions you can either leave a comment below, or you can head over to the contact page and contact us privately.


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