Recruiting and Fundraising

You can become an invaluable part of the movement by becoming a recruiter or fund raiser for NJ2AS. Every time you recruit or fund raise for NJ2AS you will receive credit. You can even set your own personal goals for member signups and donations. We plan to give out rewards to our top recruiters and fundraisers, so you can even win prizes as well. Announcements for recruiting prizes will be announced on the blog. So let's get to it on how to recruit for NJ2AS.

Getting Started

First off, you must have an account on NJ2AS, and be signed in, in order to become a recruiter or fundraiser. If you don't have an account, go make one now, then return to this page.

After that head over to the volunteer page and register as a recruiter and/or fundraiser selecting the "I will be a membership recruiter/fundraiser" buttons like the picture below. By registering it allows us to keep track of all your fundraising and recruiting activity easier.

Register as a Recruiter

Now that we're signed in and registered as a recruiter/fundraiser we can scroll up and look on the right hand of the screen (all the way at the bottom of the page if on mobile) and take a look at your supporter navigation. Underneath the "Join, Donate, Volunteer" buttons, you'll see this:

Supporter Nav

This is your "supporter nav" for recruiting and fundraising. Your supporter nav will be available on the right side of the website  (bottom for mobile) for the majority of pages, but not all, and you can always find it on the homepage. These links on your supporter nav are what allows your recruiting and fundraising to be credited to YOU. We'll get to more on that later though. For now, click on the "Settings" link on your supporter nav. Your settings page allows you customize your account with information about yourself. It also allows you to set up fundraising goals. Both for recruiting members and fundraising, your progress is counted by the amount of money you've raised. So if your goal is to sign up 10 general members, your fundraising goal should be $350 ($35 x 10 Members). You can change your goal at any time and your progress is updated. So customize your account as you'd like and then we'll continue. 

Now that your account is customized to your liking, click on the "public profile" link on your supporter nav, this is where you can keep track of your recruiting and fundraising. You'll see a progress bar at the top of the page showing your progress towards your goal you set for yourself. Beneath that will be a stream showing all of your fundraising and recruiting successes.

NOTE: Your own donations count towards your goal, so if you personally donate $10 and become a general member after setting your goal, it will say that you've raised $45.


Public Profile


So now that our account is set up and we know how to navigate around the site as a recruiter or fundraiser, let's get into how to recruit and fund raise and receive credit for it.

How to Recruit and Fundraise

Every account on our site has a unique ID that allows us to track who has recruited and fundraised for us. Your account does as well. Heading over to to our supporter nav you'll see links for "Recruit General Member, Recruit Premium Member, etc...". Let's click on the "Recruit General Member" tab for now. Now you've been directed to your "control room" for recruiting general members. You'll see something like this below:

Unique Links for Recruiting

At the top you have a copyable link and a bunch of other links for spreading on social media. Highlight that link and open it up in a new window or tab. This is a general membership signup page unique to you. At the end of the address bar you'll see your unique recruiter id like this:

Your Unique Recruiter ID

So when someone becomes a member from that link you've sent them, you'll be credited with recruiting that new member. This works the same for each recruiting tab on your supporter nav, along with the fundraising one. When people join or donate on those pages, you receive the credit and the progress bar on your account we talked about earlier will be updated. So anytime you want to recruit or fundraise, use those tabs on your supporter nav to send those links to people. You can send them over email, facebook, twitter, anywhere that you send a link people can click.

Offline Recruiting and Fundraising

If you would like to recruit someone offline, for example someone wants to join or donate by check, you can do that too and still receive credit. It's less streamlined, but it's still doable. If you'd like more information on how to recruit/fundraise offline, please head over to the contact page and drop us a line and we'll get back to you with more information.


So that's really all there is to it. Now you can become part of the movement and recruit and fundraise for NJ2AS! Make sure to follow our blog for information regarding recruiting prizes and more. For any and all questions regarding recruiting, head over to the contact page. Now get out there and expand the movement! Let's Fight Back!

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