NJ2AS Proudly Endorses Timothy Knight and These NRA Board Candidates


It's that time of the year where we at NJ2AS are inundated with questions from our membership and supporters on who we should vote for in this year's NRA Board of Directors election. Below are our recommendations of proven leaders:

1. Timothy Knight

2. Adam KrautĀ 

3. Julie A. Golob

4. Duane Liptak

5. Kristy Titus

6. Maria Heil

7. John SiglerĀ 

All of these individuals bring serious value to New Jersey, the Nation, and NRA leadership (which we believe needs a serious overhaul). While certain individuals are out there giving the illusion they're fighting on behalf of New Jersey gun owners, we know first hand who is the real-deal and the hucksters.

Do not waste your vote on undeserving candidates and bullet vote specifically for these individuals. To clarify, bullet voting is the process where you only choose these candidates on your ballot despite having more opportunities to vote for more individuals.

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