NJ2AS President Assaulted


NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian Assaulted by Congresswoman's Chief of Staff. Charges to be Filed.

West Orange, New Jersey - While attending Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman's Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable on June 29, 2016, NJ2AS President, Alexander Roubian, peacefully attempted to ask why she would be advocating for stricter sentencing and laws for firearms while at the same time her sons served a fraction of their sentence for armed robbery.

In March of 2000, possessing automatic firearms and "high capacity" magazines (during the peak of the federal assault weapon ban), Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman's sons stormed a local Kids "R" Us and stole $1,800 while terrorizing the employees. The Congresswoman at the time was a state legislator and responded to this incident by trying to abuse her power and have the laws changed to release her sons early. To make matters worse she also spearheaded and sponsored laws that would prohibit employers from asking if an applicant was ever arrested.

While attempting to ask the question the Congresswoman interjected and became belligerent towards Alexander Roubian and demanded that he was kicked out. Alexander Roubian was immediately surrounded by several men and in an aggressive and intimidating manner demanded he leave. Alexander Roubian was leaving the facility and while approaching the stairway by the exit the Congresswoman's Chief of Staff, James Gee, approached him from behind, grabbed his arm, and forcefully pushed him up the stairs. Another staffer can be heard screaming to "let him go."

A video of the incident can be seen here: https://youtu.be/wrrfywSwMEY
An article about the incident can be read here: http://www.trentonian.com/article/TT/20160629/NEWS/160629724

Alexander Roubian stated: "I was scared for my life. I was suppose to be attending an event which advocated peace, in a church, while surrounded by signs to "Disarm Hate"  until I asked a question that they disagreed with."

Alexander Roubian suffered bruising on his arm and was also very shaken up after the incident. Accompanied with his attorney, Jef Henninger,  He will be going to the Trenton Police Department at 2:30PM, June 30, 2016, to file charges.


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    What ever happened with this?
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