Update On NJ2AS Lawsuits and More


So many of you may be wondering what NJ2AS is up to and why we have been
lax on sending out updates to you. Well we’d like to let you know that
we’ve actually been up to A LOT. So much that we really haven’t had the
time to even write an update! So we’re gonna run down just exactly what
we’re working on and why we need your support.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

New Website

Welcome to the new digital home of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society! Our new modern website design is much more user friendly, as well as better looking, and will now allow us to organize New Jersey gun owners, and get the word out, much more effectively. We plan on using our new website to full effect to take on the anti-gunners.

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Christie Response

Governor Christie: We Are All Still Slaves

Following the death of Carol Bowne, a report detailing the recommendations of a special commission convened by Governor Christie has been released regarding Second Amendment issues in New Jersey. In this report, the direct activism of NJ2AS volunteers in various New Jersey police departments was cited. As stated before, the NJ2AS will no longer chase government for answers in hearings or meetings, or participate in senseless protests or petitions - we will only engage in direct, damning activism that captures the tyranny of our state and FORCES a response FROM government TO us. Unfortunately, the report itself is little more than a campaign distraction with very little substance.


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Future Victims of NJ Firearms Laws part 2

EXCLUSIVE: Orange, PD Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is again caught in misconduct - refusing to accept concealed carry applications, senselessly delaying another citizen from applying for purchase permits, and boasting how he carries all the time.

Future Victims of NJ Firearms Laws part 1

CAUGHT ON TAPE - NJ2AS EXCLUSIVE: Undercover video shows blatant and open discrimination in processing firearm applications at Orange, NJ, Police Department.

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