Supreme Court May Take Case That Would Restore Concealed Carry in NJ



The Supreme Court will decide this Thursday whether or not to take a case that could strike down New Jersey's draconian concealed carry laws once and for all. The case, Peruta v. California, has been rescheduled twice for conference. Possibly indicating that the justices were awaiting for Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed before taking the case. If taken, the case could strike down New Jersey's "justifiable need" scheme, which denies carry permits to everyone but the privileged and powerful while leaving women like Carol Bowne hopeless and eventually murdered.

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Bloomberg Pledges $25 Million to Fight National Concealed Carry Reciprocity



Politico is reporting that Michael Bloomberg and his various anti-gun groups have pledged to spend $25 million dollars to fight National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Currently NJ2AS is supporting the House Bill HR38 and is working to make sure the Senate Companion bill benefits New Jersey Gun Owners as well.

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Ramseygate Update: The Attorney General's Office Has Responded



We are back with another update on the Ramsey saga. Last time we asked that you contact the NJ Attorney General's office regarding the potential conflict of interest between the Mayor of Ramsey and the law firm that has agreed to represent them in the event that they pass the ordinance banning all gun ranges in the town, triggering our lawsuit. Well their office has responded to us with further information.

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April Giveaway



NJ2AS is happy to announce we are doing another giveaway for the month of April! This month we will be giving away a Modern Materiel MODMAT-15 Rifle! We would like to thank our proud sponsor Modern Materiel for their support and offering the firearm!

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March Giveaway Holster Demonstration




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Ramsey Tables Gun Range Ban Ordinance... Again



The Ramsey Borough Council has tabled the ordinance banning gun ranges for a fourth time. Yes, a fourth time... NJ2AS has been fighting tooth and nail against this ordinance from the start and intend to keep going until it is dead, dead, dead. Hopefully this will be the last time the ordinance is brought up at the town council meeting. Given the agenda Ramsey has posted though, we remain suspicious.

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See a Doctor, Lose Your Guns: NJ Assembly Votes on Gun Bill This Thursday



This Thursday (3/23/2017) the NJ Assembly will vote on a bill that requires firearms seizure when a mental health professional determines a patient poses threat of harm to self or others. This essentially will put doctors into the very uncomfortable position of making determinations that are meant to be put before a judge. Mental health groups have also warned that the bill could cause those in need of help, to forego treatment out of fear of losing their guns for life.

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Two Bills Targeting Ammunition Quietly Introduced in NJ Legislature


Senator Brian P. Stack (D) - District 33 (Hudson)

Two bills targeting handgun ammunition were quietly introduced in the NJ State Senate by Senator Brian P. Stack (D) last week. The bills serve no real purpose it seems other than to make the process of buying handgun ammunition more burdensome for those doing it legally.

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Taking the Gloves Off


A video message from NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian regarding the NJ Legislature's recent moves to undo Governor Christie's recent concealed carry reforms.

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Legislature Moves to Undo Christie's Concealed Carry Reforms



The New Jersey Legislature has moved to undo Governor Christie's concealed carry reforms that he passed by Executive Order last week. As we mentioned last week, this Executive Order was nothing to get too excited about and we warned that this is exactly what we expected to happen.

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NJ2AS March Giveaway


NJ2AS is proud to announce that this months giveaway will be for a custom IWB (Inside-the-waistband) holster from our friends at Titan Concealment!

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NJ2AS Wins Again! Ramsey Tables Gun Range Ban Vote a Second Time!



NJ2AS claims another victory after the Ramsey Borough Council tabled its proposed ordinance banning all gun ranges in the borough last night.

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Is Ramsey Mayor Profiting From Lawsuit?


Ramsey Mayor Deirdre Dillon


The Ramsey Gun Range Ban saga continues with yet another explosive development. Last week we were tipped-off by a Ramsey Administration insider that the "pro bono" law firm that Mayor Dillon claims will be defending Ramsey's blatantly unconstitutional ordinance banning gun ranges in the town, is actually run by her husband a partner at the firm. The Mayor of Ramsey may be pushing this gun range ban because she and her husband could personally profit from the ensuing lawsuit if the ordinance is passed.

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Don't Get Too Excited About Christie's Concealed Carry Executive Order



So you may have heard about Governor Chris Christie formalizing the regulations in regards to his executive order loosening NJ's draconian, unconstitutional concealed carry laws. While we applaud the Governor for doing this and legitimately taking a step in the right direction, this order is nothing to get too excited about.

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February Giveaway Winner Announced


The February giveaway has concluded and we are proud to announce the winner.

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Update on National Reciprocity




President Alexander Roubian gives a video update on the National Reciprocity situation.

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Tom MacArthur Becomes First NJ Congressman to Cosponsor National Concealed Carry Reciprocity


Representative Thomas MacArthur of NJ's Third Congressional District

Representative Thomas MacArthur of NJ's Third Congressional District has become the first member of Congress from New Jersey's congressional delegation to cosponsor The National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Rep. MacArthur's office contacted NJ2AS on Friday to inform us of this and thank us for providing information and resources regarding HR38.

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Ramsey Doubles Down on Gun Range Ban



The Ramsey Town Council is doubling down on its attempt to ban gun ranges. Our threat of an immediate lawsuit still stands and we will make good on our promise if the ordinance passes. The bad news for Ramsey is that the odds that they succeed in court are slim.

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UPDATE: Ramsey Pulls Ordinance Banning Gun Ranges (For Now)


UPDATE: 2/9/17

Following NJ2AS' threat of a lawsuit, Ramsey has pulled the ordinance. For now at least.

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NJ2AS February Gun Giveaway


NJ2AS is happy to announce we are doing another gun giveaway for the month of February! This month we will be giving away a Ruger 22/45 Mk. III Target pistol! We would like to thank our proud sponsor Howell Gun Works for their support and offering the firearm!

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