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NJ2AS News

NJ2AS News
29 Aug: September Recruiting Drive! Win FREE NJ2AS Swag!

This September NJ2AS needs all hands on deck for our fundraising push! We have been successful in another lawsuit and…

Chris Christie
24 Aug: Christie Comes Out for Shall Issue Concealed Carry

On shall-issue concealed carry, Christie said the following: “for decades, law-abiding residents of New Jersey have had their Second Amendment…

19 Aug: NJ Conceal Carry Permit Finally Issued

After dealing with years of life-threatening situations from violent gang members in Newark, and battling almost 3 years in New…

17 Aug: Update On NJ2AS Lawsuits and More

So many of you may be wondering what NJ2AS is up to and why we have beenlax on sending out…

08 Feb: Future Victims of NJ Firearms Laws part 2

EXCLUSIVE: Orange, PD Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is again caught in misconduct – refusing to accept concealed carry applications, senselessly…

07 Feb: Future Victims of NJ Firearms Laws part 1

CAUGHT ON TAPE – NJ2AS EXCLUSIVE: Undercover video shows blatant and open discrimination in processing firearm applications at Orange, NJ,…