July Giveaway Winner Announced!



Congratulations to Jim for winning the custom NJ2AS Model Henry Goldenboy Rifle! Jim was automatically entered into the giveaway by because he was an NJ2AS Frontline Donor!

Important Note: We have been receiving odd amounts of email unsubscriptions from people with Comcast and Verizon E-Mails. It appears some email providers are automatically unsubscribing folks from our email list. Jim nearly didn't win the giveaway because he was unknowingly unsubscribed from our email list by his email provider. Fortunately we were able to contact him by other means.

To ensure that you are currently still on our email list, log into your account and head over to this link make sure the "send me email updates" box is checked and click "update info" or "sign up".

With the July Giveaway over, now begins the August Giveaway! This month we will be giving away a $250 Gift Certificate for a custom firearm coating of your choosing from GSD Coatings! The giveaway is for the whole month of August so if you have already joined or donated this month, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway! And, of course, all NJ2AS Frontline donors are automatically entered into every giveaway we hold.

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