A Tale of Two Gun Prosecutions in New Jersey - NFL Player vs. Non-Famous Woman



There's two things NJ2AS members know all too well:

1. Justice is not equal in New Jersey

2. Gun Control laws in New Jersey are absolutely unjust

Unfortunately, especially for out-of-state citizens unaware, when those two ideas clash the outcomes can be horrific depending on who you are.

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Once Indicted for Stalking Women, NJ Democrat Leading Push For Stricter Taser Laws


Last week we updated you on our lawsuit victory that struck down New Jersey's ban on the sale and possession of tasers. This week? Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature are already working to make it as difficult as possible for regular citizens to obtain tasers and stun guns.

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May Giveaway Announced



NJ2AS is happy to announce we are doing another giveaway for the month of May! This month we will be giving away a a voucher ($275 value) for free a Handgun Training Course from GST Firearms Training! We would like to thank our proud sponsor GST Firearms training for their support and offering the free course!

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April Giveaway Winner Announced



A winner has been randomly selected for the April Giveaway. Congratulations to Bruno for winning the MODMAT-15 Rifle! Bruno entered the giveaway by becoming an NJ2AS member for the first time this month!

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Supreme Court Reschedules Concealed Carry Case For a Third Time



The Supreme Court put off the Peruta case, which could restore concealed carry in NJ if taken up, again this morning. Second Amendment advocates are eagerly watching the courts to see what the court will do with this case, because if the court were to strike down California concealed carry laws, New Jersey's would be on the chopping block as well.

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Democrats Vow To Make Taser Laws as Restrictive as Possible



Following NJ2AS' court victory this week, which forces the State of New Jersey to repeal its ban on tasers and stun guns within 180 days, Democrats are already vowing to make the laws regulating tasers and stun guns as restrictive as possible to discourage their use in self-defense. Winning the lawsuit was half the battle. Now we have to prepare for the revenge legislation.

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It's Official: Judge Signs Order Overturning NJ's Ban on Tasers and Stun Guns



A week and a half ago NJ2AS informed you of our court victory which got the State of New Jersey to admit in court that its ban on taser and stun guns was an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution that recognizes our right to keep and bear arms. Well we mentioned in that article that all that was needed for it to be official was for a judge to sign it.

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Ramsey Gun Range Ban Ordinance Tabled Again



The Borough of Ramsey has tabled its ordinance banning gun ranges from the town for a fifth time now. They have posted the agenda for the upcoming meeting this Wednesday, the 26th, and the Ordinance is listed as tabled. Unfortunately, it is also listed as "unfinished business" as well...

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Supreme Court Reschedules Concealed Carry Case. Again...


 UPDATE: 4/24/2017 - 2:30 PM

It appears we missed something. Today's order list indicated that Justice Gorsuch did not participate in many of the cases again. Though he did participate in some. This could mean, as we indicated in the article, that Justice Gorsuch has still not read the Peruta case in his attempts to catch up with the rest of the court, which could be why it continues to be rescheduled.


For the past two weeks NJ2AS has been watching a case that the US Supreme Court could take up that could restore our concealed carry rights here in NJ. Today we were expecting news about whether or not the court would take the case, however, it appears that in the last minute before the conference, the case was rescheduled to another conference. Again. The good news is that the court is still considering the case, however we are concerned about the serial rescheduling.

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East Brunswick Is Trying To Ban Hunting On Your Own Property



It appears that East Brunswick is quietly trying to ban hunting in their town. An ordinance is currently being considered by the East Brunswick Town Council that would ban hunting on private property, even when legal under State laws. The ordinance would seek to ban hunting in all areas except a few designated areas in the town. Resident hunters whose properties are not located in these designated areas are not happy and have notified NJ2AS.

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